Flare Stack

TASC’s Total Solution for Flare Stacks is comprised of the ability to perform general industrial services work scopes, while at the same time providing access to work at heights and in difficult to reach environments.

We can provide comprehensive solutions for flare and incinerator stacks, and can service most units in the market. Our solution includes:

  • Consulting (system design, engineering studies, and technical consultations)
  • Fabrication (design, refurbishment, retrofits, and upgrades)
  • Installation (tip replacement, installation supervision, new stack erection, and guy wire installation and replacement)
  • Commissioning (start-up, post start-up troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance verification)
  • Inspection (drone and rope access inspection, delivering safe, high quality results)
  • Maintenance (guy wire tension verification, inspection and lubrication, equipment tuning, emergency services, and part replacements)