The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) is the worlds leading and most recognized system for conducting safe and effective work at heights, followed closely by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). While the IRATA certification is accepted throughout the world, SPRAT is widely recognized throughout North America. Either certification will allow you to begin your career in rope access, and TASC offers both!

Our training facility, located in Kingston, Ontario, is a state of the art, year-round indoor training facility that we think is the best in Canada. It is 6 stories high, and has been custom designed for and is exclusively dedicated to training technicians to safely and effective work at heights. It provides a realistic at-height rope access experience, capable of replicating many of the rigging and scenarios commonly seen in the field. It’s height and size allow for the training of all levels of IRATA and SPRAT.

You can view a 3D walkaround of our training facility here.

Training is conducted by some of the best Level 3 Trainers in the world. Once the training is complete, an independent assessor from IRATA or SPRAT will evaluate all candidates to ensure that appropriate training has been received. Through a full day assessment, they will confirm that candidates can complete all of the required maneuvers, while maintaining the highest level of safety. Upon successful completion, they will issue a certification that will allow you to work at heights as a rope access technician!

In addition to IRATA and SPRAT training, we provide training in:

  • Tower Access & Rescue
  • Wind Turbine Access & Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue (NFPA Standard)

We offer regularly scheduled courses, open to the public. In addition, with a group of 4-8 candidates, we can schedule a custom course at the time of your choosing!

Book a course today, or contact us for more information!