Other Services

With such a wide variety of services offered, it’s hard to showcase all of them. But rest assured that we are 100% committed to all of our services and ensuring that our clients needs are met. Some of the other services that we have provided are listed below; if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch with us – there’s a very high probability that someone on our team has experience in the area you are looking for. And if we can’t provide the solution you need, we will work with our partners or your existing vendors to deliver a high quality result, utilizing our alternative access methods to save you time, cost, and impact.

Protective Coating

Steel if exposed to moisture and oxygen will rust. Reputable and experienced contractors, quality paint products, a solid design with good specification, accurate inspections, and a thorough maintenance plan are all critical factors to a quality corrosion protection system.
TASC is able to help maintain the integrity of your plant including process pipework, tanks and structural steel through a combination of each of the above factors. Our protective coatings service includes inspection, hand preparation, wet and dry abrasive blasting, single and multi-coat systems, hand application, conventional and airless spray application, fire proofing and decorative finishes.

Rigging & Hoisting

TASC has a unique rigging & lifting capability. We design customized rigging & lifting solutions that give priority to safety while proving to be innovative and cost effective.

All lifting systems used by TASC are taken from concept stage through to detailed design by our in house engineering team. This is done using traditional engineering analysis and design techniques complimented by industry standard computer based analysis and design software.


Rock scaling and re-profiling includes the clearing of loose rock and the controlled removal of large blocks from cliff faces. It can be used as a short-term or localized solution to stability problems or as a precursor to more extensive works. Regular rock scaling may be used as a cost effective means of managing the risk from rockfall, where a cliff is prone to light surface weathering.

TASC carries out re-profiling and rock removal using a variety of methods including jacking, percussive breakers, plug and feathering, expansive grouts, and pyrotechnics. The methods are chosen to suit each specific location, taking into account the rock structure and site constraints.

Refractory Services

TASC has experience working with industry leading refractory inspection, removal, and repair providers to utilize alternative access methods to provide cost and time savings in refractory lined vessels, such as Fluidized Catalytic Crackers (FCCs). Initial as-found inspections can be completed on the first day the vessel is opened, without waiting for scaffolding to be erected, allowing for more accurate planning and scheduling, as well as avoiding costly surprises late in the shutdown. Small refractory repairs can even be conducted utilizing mobile work platforms, which can be hoisted into position in a matter of hours, regardless of the height within the vessel, and with minimal interruption to other activities within the vessel.