Health and Safety

Our goal is zero injury – that means everyone who works for, on behalf of, and with TASC goes home safe every day. This includes our clients, their operations personnel, and any other contractors working alongside us.

Central to achieving this goal is a culture that places the health and safety of each and every person as the paramount responsibility of everyone within TASC – from our executive and management team, through to our field technicians. When it comes to safety, there will be no exceptions.

Our Safety Culture

We insist that every individual take ownership and responsibility for their own safety, as well as the safety of those around and affected by them. We ensure they are provided with up to date training, coaching, advice, and encouragement to enable them to assess each situation and make the right decision when it comes to controlling and mitigating risks.

The foundation of our health & safety culture is our behavioral safety program. This program involves workplace observations of all technicians, by all technicians. By identifying positive and negative behaviors with information inputted into our safety database, behavioral trends can be determined. Analysis of this data is communicated to all personnel within the company, and from this feedback process we can all learn and grow, while preventing future negative behaviors.

TASC encourages everyone to make a deeper personal commitment to think and act safely, and is committed to have everyone return home safe and each every day.