Mechanical & Specialty Services

Mechanical Services

TASC offers a full suite of mechanical services, encompassing nearly every trade discipline, through both our in-house talent and strategic partnerships with industry leading providers. By utilizing our mechanical services in conjunction with our alternative access solutions, we can get into virtually every location, providing:

  • Welding repairs, on both structural and pressure components
  • Electrical services (see our electrical & instrumentation services page)
  • Piping repairs, replacements, and new installations, including isolation and weld testing
  • Weld-less pipe to flange connections
  • Refractory repairs
  • Insulation removal, re-application, and repairs
  • Application, removal, and repair of coatings
  • Sandblasting

Specialty Services

Equipped with a full-service specialty division, TASC is able to offer a variety of specialty services.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Programs

The most effective method of controlling fugitive emissions is through the implementation of a structure Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program.

TASC’s LDAR programs involve environmental solutions, designed to ensure that our clients reduce their environmental impact by minimizing the release of airborne pollution and contaminants. In addition, they help keep operators, contractors, and workers on site safer, by ensuring that leaks are found, mitigated, and repaired before they cause harm.

Working with our alternative access solutions, our LDAR technicians can access every flange, connection, and valve in your facility without the need for scaffolding – reducing the total cost, as well as the impact to operations, while ensuring that every potential leak source is assessed and monitored. And when the need for repairs arises, the same technicians on-site for the detection can be used as part of a composite crew to perform the repair.

On-Line Leak Sealing Solutions

When leaks happen, you want to get them repaired efficiently and safely, so that losses to production are minimized. TASC’s solutions range from valve packing injections to custom engineered enclosures. While not every leak can be safely accessed and repaired using our alternative access solutions, every leak can benefit from them. Instead of delaying fabrication of an enclosure until after scaffolding has been built, our rope access crews can perform inspection and measurement of the component as soon as the leak is discovered, allowing for fabrication to begin while access is being secured. This can take days, or even weeks, off of the total time for a repair solution to be put in place.

Other Services

Some of the other services offered under this division include:

  • Composite repairs
  • Line freezing
  • Bolt tensioning and torqueing
  • Field machining, including flange re-facing
  • Pipe cutting and beveling (cold cutting)