Our Guiding Principles

The TASC team is committed to being a trusted provider and industry leader for innovative solutions for all  critical path scopes.

Our corporate culture is grounded in an environment of Integrity, Standards, Investment in Our People and Excellence in Performance and seeks to instill these at all points of contact with our stakeholders.


  • Transparency
    • Open to detecting issues and challenges before they escalate into problems
    • Inclusion of all stake holders in the planning dialogue
    • Accountability: personal and corportate
  • Trust
    • Code of Conduct
    • Reliability
  • Respect
    • Mutual Respect – the cornerstone of all relationships
    • Willingness to listen to what’s important to our clients and employees


Standards and Compliance

  • Strict Adherence to Safety and Industry Policies and Regulations
  • Abide by all Applicable Law/Regulations
  • Conformity to Insurance Requirements
  • Association Memberships
    • IRATA
    • SPRATA
    • ABSA
    • CWB
    • COR
    • ACSA

Investing in Our People

  • TASC is committed to ongoing training (skills and technology) for its people. This establishes the cornerstone of constant improvement and innovation.
  • TASC employees are self-motivated and dedicated to the delivery of quality work and meeting deadlines
  • TASC employs people who possess relentless energy and passion for our business.
  • Employees are engaged in planning & implementation

Excellence in Performance

  • Improving Clients’ Bottom Line
    • On Time
    • On Budget
    • #1 Priority – SAFETY
  • Dedicated to delivering world class safety and results.